New Service # 2

You have a dreambag, but you can’t find it. We’ll find it for you.

Just let us know what you want (send us example pictures) and we’ll try to find it for you.




New Service # 1

To all of you who have gorgeous bags, but they need to be hydrated or sewn.

We repair your bags!! Just show us what you want and we’ll do it!

This service is only available in Leiria.

Me, Myself and I

Since my blog isn’t just about selling bags, I decided to start blogging about other things that inspire me. For me style isn’t the same as fashion. It’s personal. Everyone has it’s own and that’s what make everyone special. The difference between the people you look at and the one’s you stare at is their style, regular, excentric, …

Style is a way to express yoursel without words!

I find myself in the middle between regular and excentric. I like regular clothes with little appointments of excentricity, like accessories or a regular cut with a different color.


Mango booties // 15€

Black leather booties. Size 36 (EU), but may fit a 37(EU). Label.: Mango


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